6 Great tips to relieve a migraine….

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I started suffering from migraines about 4 Years ago. I had never experienced pain like it. The migraine wouldn’t give me any warning and could last up to 4 days. Totally debilitating, they were ruining my life. So I went to my GP, who Prescribed copious amounts of drugs and sent me on my way. To start with the drugs worked but they left me feeling absolutely out of it. Eventually after trying triptan, after triptan and still getting migraines, I decided to look into alternative therapies.  Here are just a few tips on how to relieve migraines. I hope they help.

Alternative relief 

1. Magnesium spray 

Magnesium spray from Holland & Barrett £12.99  

When applied directly to the skin, Magnesium can relieve chronic pain. Research shows that around 50% of us are deficient in magnesium, even those eating and living healthier lifestyles. It is an amazing mineral which…

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